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No Room for the Craft Show

I hope everyone's summer is going well. I have been growing and reseeding many of the beds with Black-eyed Susan's the last few years. They arrived in full force this week! They are tall this year too. I had a row of blueberry bushes behind them by the parking lot. Amazingly, there is almost no room left for the blueberries. I have to make some choices and adjustments.

I don't have as much done in the garden as I wanted because I had to slow down in June. I got Covid the first week of the month. I have asthma, so I was concerned about the high risk of going to the hospital. Thankfully, it did not get that bad. And, at least, I made it through the 2021 Grandma's Holiday Craft Show without getting sick.

After all pushing through the infection, I'm not sure I have the energy or desire to continue with the craft show now. Aside from the risk of Covid, I have found several remote contract jobs that I am tackling, which wouldn't leave much time for the show (more on that below). I also continue to have several long-term stay guests, so I do not have the room on my schedule in November and December like before the pandemic.

I am sorry the show will not continue, but I am happy with the result from 2021 and the 26 years we were able to operate. One thing I can continue is the Facebook page.

If anyone would like to post their craft pictures, writing, or artwork, you can send me a photo, description, and how you want to be contacted. I'll post one time a week per person. I am not going to sell crafts online with the page directly, but with an audience of almost 10,000 people, the page could help direct customers to you. It will be a simple, free advertisement. To keep things efficient with content you want me to post, please use Facebook Messenger to send a private message to the Craft Show Facebook Page. I'll also continue to post updates from the B & B there.

Thank you all for supporting a wonderful community for so many years.


Double Proficiency

Over the last two years, I spent some of my pandemic time writing fiction stories and playing Dungeons & Dragons. Combine that with the marketing experience from the craft show and other businesses, and I was a good fit to assist Double Proficiency in marketing their books, tools, and games.

The hugely successful Kickstarter for Herbalist's Primer completed last year. The book will be available for retail purchase soon! Some other products include game and writing prompts assembled as decks of cards, Sci-Fi books, and Tabletop RPG games. In addition, they are working on another Primer book due out in 2023, The Geologist's Primer. If you want to see more of what I am doing or check out their other products, here are the website and social media links.

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