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Reopening, Innkeeping, and Other Projects

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

It has been a long year. Other than a small boost in Oct 2020, there were very few guests with the pandemic and travel restrictions. I battened down the hatches, and while it was harrowing at times, I got through and with the spare time I starting writing projects and playing Dungeons & Dragons online. Looking forward to the summer of 2021, the reservations are filling in! I have a lot of new ideas and skills to bring back to the Murder Mystery events and I'll be running some new events. I'm ready to try new breakfast recipes and will be doing updates to the guest rooms. I look forward to having guests stay with us again.

Front desk at the Red Lion Bed and Breakfast. The view includes the starts up to the guest rooms
I am ready for you to check-in!


Four guest rooms are available, each with their own private bathroom. The coffee and tea station is not in the common area anymore - each room has their own Keurig and supplies! The TV's have been upgraded to 40in Smart TVs or larger and have DirectTV. I just got the patio furniture out and the garden is in full swing. I look forward to doing the York County Snack Baskets again once pandemic restrictions ease.

Craft Show

Every November I clear out the rooms and we move in hand made crafts from 160 vendors. That was not possible with the pandemic. I am considering running it this year. There is still a 50% occupancy limit on indoor events but things are heading in the right direction! I will keep my eyes on vaccination rates and the rules and guidelines coming from the Governor. 2019 was the 25th year of Grandma's Holiday Craft Show. That was a milestone to hit! The show had a break in 2020 but I look forward to bringing it back in some form soon.

Murder Mystery Dinners

The Red Brick Bakery catered the dinners for the Murder Mystery events. They are no longer in business. I am looking into other options for the dinner and soon will be preparing the next season of stories for Jan, Feb, Mar, and April of 2022.

In the meantime, I am learning about running online events through the D&D Virtual Play weekends where I am a paid Dungeon Master with Baldman Games. The tools for doing events online have grown exponentially over the last year! I still want to do the craft show and murder mystery in-person events but look forward to doing a variety of things to reconnect with customers that may not be traveling to Red Lion yet! This blog is one example, Zoom or Discord events may be another, plus the writing projects are heading toward more adventures. Next blog post will be in a week!

And if you are ready for a getaway check out availability on the rooms page!

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