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Wandering Garden

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Little Steps toward the Craft Show

Toddler in a red hat, white t-shirt, and shorts. Sitting by the edge of the grass. Keeping me company while I pull weeds. He is holding a leaf.

When the boys were little, toddler-little barely-walking-little, I would take them outside with me and get them set up with a project near where I would need to pull weeds. That would last a few minutes then they would want to do something else.

I'd leave my pile and move them to a new spot and keep working. It was a good strategy, except I would forget some of the piles. Eventually, I would get the piles but I often left a wandering trail through the garden.

I was talking with a friend about momentum today. When anyone works on a project it is easy to put up roadblocks, distract ourselves, or think we should be working on something bigger/more important. However, if you get in line with where you are at and accept what you can do, you accomplish things.

Each thing you accomplish builds momentum. I didn't need to weed the entire garden with the boys just do a couple of steps each day and do it consistently over several days.

Overgrown grassy area where there used to be a vegetable garden
Is that a garden?
Rectangular raised bed for a vegetable garden edged with red bricks
Weeds pulled, bricks reset.
Rectangular raised bed garden with potatoes and tomatoes well established and growing.
It is a garden!

In the end, it wasn't the boys causing the piles but me. That's what I could get to on those busy days. Little steps are just as important now. I'm getting back up to speed after the pandemic.

My next step, I'm making plans for Grandma's Holiday Craft Show in November. Vendors, I will check in soon. Customers, yes we will be back. I wonder if many vendors have stepped away from their craft. I expect there will be a gearing-up process. We will all take little steps.

That is how the craft show was built, in little steps. Each year I start planning for the show in June when the garden is just getting rolling. We replicate the small step-by-step process as vendors dropped off crafts and during setup - even with the volume of 20,000+ crafts.

2018 Craft Show picture in the Great Room, every inch of each table and shelf, filled with crafts.
There were a lot of steps to get to this.

The little steps make the show feel achievable again. I'm sure your year has been challenging and overwhelming as well. Take it easy, make little steps, and I look forward to seeing you in November.

Sign up for the craft show mailing list to get a 4x6 reminder card in the mail. If you were already on the list, I still have your info but be sure to submit it again if you have moved. I'll be updating the website soon and the Facebook page will have the latest info.

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