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From Summer to Fall, then the Craft Show

I had hoped to be posting to the blog once a month (at one point even thought once a week!). I got behind quick as guests returned in full force in July. Only two weekends haven't been booked full since then. There was one point from July 12th until about August 15th where I had at least one room booked every day during the week too. Looking ahead the weekends are full until November as well.

With a steady flow of guests, I took some time to catch up on yard work and decorating. It was hard to spend time and money on that during the shutdown as I had to try to do other work. With some inspiration from my mom, pumpkins showed up everywhere.

Grandma's Holiday Craft Show

We are going to make it happen. The craft show starts on November 11th and runs Th-Sun 10am-6pm for 5 weekends. 100 local and regional vendors will be showcasing their hand made items and talent. I will be getting the annual mailer out in the next 2 weeks. Facebook and Google ads will be up soon. I hope many of the customers will be back to support our artisans and crafters. You can view more details for the show at

The Craft Show is located in the 1st floor of the Red Lion Bed & Breakfast:

101 S Franklin St

Red Lion PA 17356

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1 Comment

Was at Lunch w/several friends 2 days ago & we wondered if Grandma's would be back. So glad it will be.

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